House Concert Movement


Posted by Marlyn Ramirez on August 31, 2016

Is there more to my life than this?

Have you ever stopped and thought about what your aspirations are? I don’t mean aspirations as a purely academic exercise. What I’m referring to is to really, truly  look inside yourself, examine your makeup, what moves you, what inspires you. What is the purpose of all the physical, mental, and spiritual effort you put out

Posted by Marlyn Ramirez on August 24, 2016


Grateful… I recently read an article where a poor, blind man was referred to a psychologist because he was suffering from depression. The man, with a sad face, drooping shoulders and tired gait walked into the therapist’s office. After listening attentively to the sad man pouring his heart out, the psychologist asked him to perform

Posted by Marlyn Ramirez on July 11, 2016

How To Build, By Listening

In the recent weeks, our nation has suffered tremendous wounds, perpetrated by those whose intent was to become judge and jury at the same time, all the while circumventing a process, which, as imperfect as it is, has been one of the best justice systems in the world.   There are many who believe that

Posted by Marlyn Ramirez on June 22, 2016

Coming Together in Communities

Have you ever been surrounded by a massive group of people, at a theme park, a big sporting event, maybe even in a big city, like New York, and still felt utterly alone? The feeling that even though there are so many other humans around you, passing you by, laughing, and carrying on, you are

Posted by Marlyn Ramirez on June 2, 2016

Passionate About Anything?

Passionate About Anything? When was the last time you gave serious thought to those things which you are truly passionate about?   Or, have you ever even considered anything that stirs passion inside you?   Perhaps you’re not quite sure of what the word passion even means.We could define passion as a very strong emotion