How To Build, By Listening

July 11, 2016 Marlyn Ramirez No comments exist
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In the recent weeks, our nation has suffered tremendous wounds, perpetrated by those whose intent was to become judge and jury at the same time, all the while circumventing a process, which, as imperfect as it is, has been one of the best justice systems in the world.


There are many who believe that our system of justice is broken, or that much of it is now outdated to meet the needs of an ever changing society and times.


There are others who hold the conviction that the United States of America has ceased to be great, and that one candidate will restore the lost values once held dear by the majority.

On the other end of the spectrum, many American believe that as challenging as the times are, the US is experiencing successful changes that have democratized opportunities for millions of humans who have been disenfranchised for a very long time.


Some humans strongly believe that all law enforcement officers are infallible, and can do no wrong, others understand that while the vast majority of our men and women in blue work hard to serve and to protect all of us, there is a minority who wear the uniform, who make trusting difficult for a strong segment of our fellow citizens that constantly experience what they perceive to be almost a form of targeted persecution.


When we watch news media coverage of the events, we can almost, and without fail, predict what, and how a particular outlet will, or will not choose to broadcast and spin the news based on their political ideology, moral philosophy, or which candidate they seem to have bias for. Unfortunately, this happens on both sides of the political isles.


Where does all this divisiveness come from? When did we become so sure that we know it all, and that the other ignores everything?

How did we stray from the philosophy that opposing ideas are healthy, good and even necessary?

Why are we now embarking on the very dangerous road in which angry discourse, shouting matches, and name calling can only lead to more violence?


For the sake of our communities, all of them, of all races and socioeconomic backgrounds, we must make a conscious effort to begin on the road back to open dialogue, civil discourse, respectful debate in the arena of ideas.


Talk show hosts, politicians, newscasters and flavor-of the month celebrities will come and go, our communities will remain, with the wounds and scars of clashes, cheered on by those whose interest lies in obtaining the most ratings or clicks.


We at House Concert Movement desire to build global communities, and want to encourage you to become active, and build community. Exchange ideas with those who might have a different, and even an opposing worldview. By listening to each other we’ll build stronger relationships, and who knows, we just might learn something.

By Alex Ramirez - HCM


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