Is there more to my life than this?

August 31, 2016 Marlyn Ramirez No comments exist

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Have you ever stopped and thought about what your aspirations are? I don’t mean aspirations as a purely academic exercise. What I’m referring to is to really, truly  look inside yourself, examine your makeup, what moves you, what inspires you. What is the purpose of all the physical, mental, and spiritual effort you put out on a daily basis.

What are the things which you are passionate about?

I recently watched a movie in which one of the characters makes the following statement, “When a man loses his purpose for living, that’s when he begins to die.”

Many humans dread Monday mornings because after having a wonderful weekend, doing what they really enjoy doing, with people they love being with, they have to face a job they don’t want, a boss they may not like, a commute they loathe, and mind-numbing, repetitious activities they feel is simply sucking the life out of them.

In the song “Something More,” performed by the band Sugarland, the chorus says, “ There's gotta be something more, gotta be more than this, I need a little less hard time, I need a little more bliss.

I'm gonna take my chances, taking a chance I might find what I'm looking for, there's gotta be something more.”

Many people ask themselves that same question, “Is there more to my life than this?”

When we take time to stop and consciously meditate on what moves us, what our talents are, what gives our lives meaning, purpose, we begin a journey of self discovery. That’s when we begin to realize what we can be capable of, the things in our lives that we can turn from a foggy daydream into a vision that will become a reality.

Knowing what your aspirations are, putting them down on a medium, be it paper or digital, will drive you to want to set doable goals, and those goals will impulse you on a journey to pursue the life you truly desire and deserve, because there is something more for your life!

Until next time,

Live long, live great, live with purpose!

-Alex Ramirez

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